Friday, May 21, 2010

Ive been soooo busy! and had some awesome finds!

This moving thing is not easy, and takes way longer than i imagined. . . also, i had no idea just how much stuff i actually had accumulated!!  Anyhow, while i was visiting family who had internet, lol, i thought id post how i was doing so far. But first, look at the cool things i found in the basement and old dairy that the previous owners thought was junk!!

now, i dont know what all this stuff is, but i know the old rusty rake head will someday be a peg rack, lol, and i really liked the old cobbler tool.
Well if you saw my previous blog, you saw what the house were moving into looked like, and tho i am far from done, i thought id share some progress. . . 
the kitchen (i had zero counter space before. . . i need more stuff for them)

dining room

the bathroom so far

just for fun, lol this is what i found in Cali's room this morning. . . seems like they had a party tossing the entire bag of colored carmel corn in the floor!!

and then here is some stuff me and kena have been building!! im excited, they will look sooo good painted and distessed and what not!

two end tables and a coffee table, i made them exactly the same size as in the irvins catalog.

heres my take on the pottery bench, our friend sherry asked us to make it for her, its going to be a distressed black

this will be a new england cupboard when finished, it lacks backing, hardware, paint etc lol

and last but not least, the newest addition to my living room (and the only finished item in my living room lol) my peg rack and tall dry sink!!! Me and Kena built it all by ourself, i drew out a plan and we went from there, i think it turned out well. . . and i made a lamp out of one of those cheap oil lamps from wal mart. . . i think it turned out ok.

God Bless! i hope everyone has a blessed weekend and week!!
yea, i dont quite know what i will do with that stuff yet, lol, but onto other things, you can look at the pics on my previous blog of what some of my rooms in this house looked like, im not done at all, but this is some of what ive done. 

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