Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Country Prim doll

well i finished her, she's cute i suppose lol, no, i think all prim dolls are cute, regardless! She was requested by a friend weeks ago and i just havent had time! now that she's done, back to packing.  . . moving takes way too much time!

Well here it is. . . Im moving!

I have been reluctant to post about it, because ive not been sure about it, but i am officially moving. . . my residence that is!  Right now we live right on the highway, and with two small ones who love to play outside. . . that is scarry!! And I know im weird, but ive been wanting a big, old house. I love older homes. My hubby found me one back in the country on a big farm, and yet still only about 15min from where im at now. . . really cool! Only it hadnt been lived in in over 2 years, so it was nastier than i thought, and smelled terrible, we've been working on it night and day for a while now! lol! i wanted to share some pics. . . its a really big roomy house but you cant tell in the pics, it is an older home but its in really really good shape structurally.

The kitchen has these really heavy duty solid wood cabinets that i love.

Im sure you notice the abundance of cleaning supplies lol! The Living room, is a good size, but it was a mess.  The carpet was horrendous, and the fireplace is too.  Im going to build me a box fireplace mantle with a drying rack to just cover the entire existing fireplace up, ill post pics of that when i get it done. . . it could be a while.

Im having trouble gettin my pics to go where i want them, this is when we ripped up the carpet. . . hubby is hard at work trying to salvage the hardwood we found underneath. . . i LOVE old hardwood!

closeup of what we found its 1" i believe

it'll take alot of work in here, but i believe i can make it look really good!

Well im off to get some more done! wish me luck! Oh yea first i have to make a doll that i PROMISED someone id make them weeks ago and havnet had time, just a cute annie type, my own pattern of course. I'll try and post pics today when she's done.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Junk Store Finds and Stomach Flu

My best friend's bachlorette/personal shower was last night.  I felt bad all day, but forced myself to be there, i figured it was just my sinus or allergies making me a bit naucious.  While waiting for my mom to get of work and watch my kids I found alot of things im sure i didnt need a a junk store. lol. But i can see that with paint, stain, or dye, alot of them will turn into something i'll really love.

The little croched rug is about 2ftx3ft and is made of old cloth, has anyone ever tried to dye one of these with rit dye? I think im going to try, for $2 i couldnt pass it up. I got alot of other things too as you can see, like some little baskets, cutting board, wooden sconce, mail organizer, oh yea, and the stomach flu.  Havent had the stomache flu since i was little, i forgot how horrible it is, i finally, after like 12 hours of extreem nausia was able to vomit (sorry if thats graphic lol) and right now i feel just a little bit better :)
Leaning on the fact that these are 24hr viruses! lol! hopefully i'll recuperate soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My green primitive box and junk store finds!

Im still fairly new to primitive crafting, i mean, ive stitched for years, but the painting and building is still new and exciting, and well i get excited about it, lol! here is a box that was in my daughters room, it was pink and said princess on it, until i sat it in her window , then it became whitish pink and really bad looking so i painted it black, then green, distressed it and added a little prim label i made. . . i actually like it alot.

I hear others talk about junk store finds alot, and i have been in junk stores and second hand stores alot and never really found anything, my mom took me to the local goodwill today and i found two little items of interest, best part is i got them both for a little over $2.

the first as you can see is a mini crock jug, it was just cute, its only about 5in tall, then there is what im calling a homemade tobacco box. Its solid and quite heavy, has a little working drawer.

I put another pic of this on here because some time soon i plan on painting it and primin it up, i'll try to post a pic of it finished, i love stuff like that.