Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finished my fireplace and keyboard table!

So i dont know if you remember, but when i moved in a few months ago, my living room looked kinda like this:

Well i knew the only thing i could do to make that brick nice was cover it. . . so this is what i came up with, to keep it affordable, i framed it up with plywood and pine board.

so now my living room looks like this: and its not finished yet, i just cant seem to get things to where i like them, lol!

And about the keyboard, i cant afford a piano, but i like to play, so i got a keyboard, which really really clashes with the prim style, lol, soooo i wanted to build a little table/cabinet thingy to house it, and this is what i came up with, and yea, i built this my self. . . im kinda proud:

the front is hinged and folds down so i can pull it out. . . oh yea, i painted that little floor cloth too! dont laugh its my first try at one, lol and i made the stensil myself so it wasnt completely clean.

so, anyway, this is all what i have been working on, and i have other things im working on now, so, here in another month or so when i get done lol, i take sooo long, lol, i'll post some more! Hope everyone had an awesome fourth!!