Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finished my fireplace and keyboard table!

So i dont know if you remember, but when i moved in a few months ago, my living room looked kinda like this:

Well i knew the only thing i could do to make that brick nice was cover it. . . so this is what i came up with, to keep it affordable, i framed it up with plywood and pine board.

so now my living room looks like this: and its not finished yet, i just cant seem to get things to where i like them, lol!

And about the keyboard, i cant afford a piano, but i like to play, so i got a keyboard, which really really clashes with the prim style, lol, soooo i wanted to build a little table/cabinet thingy to house it, and this is what i came up with, and yea, i built this my self. . . im kinda proud:

the front is hinged and folds down so i can pull it out. . . oh yea, i painted that little floor cloth too! dont laugh its my first try at one, lol and i made the stensil myself so it wasnt completely clean.

so, anyway, this is all what i have been working on, and i have other things im working on now, so, here in another month or so when i get done lol, i take sooo long, lol, i'll post some more! Hope everyone had an awesome fourth!!


  1. Love what you done with the fireplace Ang! Wonderful idea and it looks great!!


  2. Great Job on everything, the cabinet is perfect!! You should be very proud..thanks for sharing.