Friday, August 12, 2011

Very Past Due Post!! Opened my first Store!!

Since last fall when we (my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and myself) began readying to open shop, ive been VERY busy.  Building, Planning, Crafting etc.  We built on land right on mainstreet in town that my father-in-law owned for years and never used.  I stenciled the little sign that we placed on the property :)
It looked really rough at first. . . but our family and friends chipped in and with so many helping hands it went up fast! Even us ladies helped stand the walls and everything else!

Although small. . . our shop has the perfect mountain backdrop. . .
I dont know what happened to the finished picture of the store when it first opened, but we opened our doors on October 6th, 2010 (3 days before my birthday!!!) This picture was taken around christmas. . . we had some awesome snow and some dangerous ice cycles on our handicap ramp!!

So thats it! After years of craft shows and selling on ebay i finally got 2 partners in crime (my awesome inlaws!!) to craft with, and after a while of us selling online and craft shows galore we finally did it. . . and the best part is that we built a playroom in the back. . . so when i do work my kids go with me (so even on the couple days a week i work the store im still a stay at home mom!) And i moved right across the street ;)

Heres a glimps of the inside of our little shop. . . we build all the solid wood furniture ourselves, stitch the stitcheries (well most of them) and stencil signs etc. I hope to post alot more soon, like how toos and my own techniques for crafting! thanks so much for letting me share with you all!!

Have a blessed and safe weekend!

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