Friday, April 23, 2010

Junk Store Finds and Stomach Flu

My best friend's bachlorette/personal shower was last night.  I felt bad all day, but forced myself to be there, i figured it was just my sinus or allergies making me a bit naucious.  While waiting for my mom to get of work and watch my kids I found alot of things im sure i didnt need a a junk store. lol. But i can see that with paint, stain, or dye, alot of them will turn into something i'll really love.

The little croched rug is about 2ftx3ft and is made of old cloth, has anyone ever tried to dye one of these with rit dye? I think im going to try, for $2 i couldnt pass it up. I got alot of other things too as you can see, like some little baskets, cutting board, wooden sconce, mail organizer, oh yea, and the stomach flu.  Havent had the stomache flu since i was little, i forgot how horrible it is, i finally, after like 12 hours of extreem nausia was able to vomit (sorry if thats graphic lol) and right now i feel just a little bit better :)
Leaning on the fact that these are 24hr viruses! lol! hopefully i'll recuperate soon!

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  1. Oh !!!! Hope you feel better soon.You found some really good stuff...Can't wait to see what you do with everything