Saturday, April 17, 2010

My green primitive box and junk store finds!

Im still fairly new to primitive crafting, i mean, ive stitched for years, but the painting and building is still new and exciting, and well i get excited about it, lol! here is a box that was in my daughters room, it was pink and said princess on it, until i sat it in her window , then it became whitish pink and really bad looking so i painted it black, then green, distressed it and added a little prim label i made. . . i actually like it alot.

I hear others talk about junk store finds alot, and i have been in junk stores and second hand stores alot and never really found anything, my mom took me to the local goodwill today and i found two little items of interest, best part is i got them both for a little over $2.

the first as you can see is a mini crock jug, it was just cute, its only about 5in tall, then there is what im calling a homemade tobacco box. Its solid and quite heavy, has a little working drawer.

I put another pic of this on here because some time soon i plan on painting it and primin it up, i'll try to post a pic of it finished, i love stuff like that.


  1. Hi Ang, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!! I have been reading your past posts and really like how you do the paper mache boxes! Love the Black Crow one!! I also really like your tobacco box, great prim potential!!


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  3. Hello Ang I have to tell you that I love your blog it is simple yet so pure it comes from your Heart, thank you for entering my GiveAway I will be having many more so stay tuned and your children are adorable, God bless you Linda

  4. Hi Ang!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog & becoming a follower..& glad you entered my giveaway.I'm glad you did now I'm following you lol....Love the box and your goodies that you found..I'm a huge thrift store junkie and love redo's..Hugs Maria

  5. Hi Angie,,,love your blog hon.You are very talented..and cant wait to see more of your Awesome Tutorials and Re-do's.Thanks for following my blogs I am definately following yours.I'm itching to start some Re-do's myself. We are going to spend the day yardsaleing Saterday..hopefully we'll find some good stuff...With good Prim bones!!! REALLY LOVE EVERYTHING I SEE HERE ON YOUR BLOG!!! Hugs..Donna