Monday, March 5, 2012

Ruffle Tee Tutorial!!!!!

First off the tutorial for the skirt is in my previous post, and the matching brother tee i will explain later.
Find a tee shirt to match your fabric, and measure around the neck from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.  Multiply this by 2.5 : this is your ribbon length. Width depends on you, mine is 6".
example:  My neckline was 11", so i cut a fabric rectangle 27.5" x 6"

here is my strip we will make ribbon out of

the son was working hard while i was sewing LOL

fold the strip in half right sides together and sew long ways making a long tube
after sewn, using a safety pin, turn inside right

will look something like this

press flat with seam hidden on back side

fold in half again and press again (just to make a crease in center)

unfold and stitch down center line as loosley as possible on sewing machine (or hand stitch: running stitch)

leave plenty of extra thread hanging off 

gently pull thread to gather up your ribbon

continue to gather until it is the size of the neck band

lay in place and evenly distribute ruffles

fold over raw edges and pin them to fabric just covering the shoulder seams

Pin evenly all around neckband

Sew straight down center over existing seam, and down both ends and your are finished!!  Simple huh!

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