Monday, March 5, 2012

Tie Applique tutorial!!!

This tutorial is for the matching brother shirt. The skirt and ruffle shirt are in previous posts. . . feel free to share.

First pick out a tee shirt, and material for tie.
I also used Heat Bond (got it at walmart ;) ) as my fusable backing

draw out your pattern on paper (size will depend on your liking and shirt length)
this is mine. . . feel free to copy it. . . it was roughly 9" long

cut into two pieces and place on tee to make sure you like its size

cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of fuseable material, and iron the heatbond to the back side of the material

place pattern pieces upside down (because you are on back side) on fuseable backing and trace them

cut pieces out and peel paper backing off. . . place on tee

iron into place

could be done here. . . this heat bond says it doesn't need sewn, but i like the finished look

run around all edges with small close zigzag stitch

tada! adorable, right?

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