Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Stamp (make your own stamp for clay or playdough) quick and easy way!

Tools I use:  Sculpey Clay,
Piece of random wood (for stamp block),
Sharp tool for stamp design

I have a fancy tool (see above) but prefer my cheap homemade one (above right)

kneed small ball of clay and smash out flat to about 1/2" thick

Using the sharp tool (mine is the pointed end of a large safety pin i snipped off and attatched to an old craft dowel) make the outline of what the stamp will say with dots. It looks best to do it this way rather than drag words out.

Then slowly connect dots, until you have a smooth look.
preheat oven to 275 degrees
bake clay mold for about 20 min
(or whatever clay box says)
after baked let it cool completely.

make another small ball of clay, flatten it the same way, and push it into the mold you just made!

it should be backwards like this

place the one you just made, word side up in the oven and bake it just like the one before.

After completely cool, hot glue it to the bottom of a piece of wood.
I used an old craft thread spool.

like so

Then you have it. . . your own stamp to use on clay or whatever. . . havent tried it on ink, but may work for that too :)

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