Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Barbie Doll Furniture


My little girl is really into Barbie right now. She is 7 and has had barbies for years but is just now really into playing with them.  She wanted a doll house (as any girl would) and I was unable to find an affordable one which would fit in her tiny room where it needed to be, so I made one. 

The doll house I made was perfect for her, but now we needed furniture. After seeing the prices of furniture sets in toy stores I knew I had to use my craftiness on it!  I made some things from scratch, and re-purposed some existing items. Below is what ive been working on. . . hope it helps you if you too are looking for cheap doll furniture! :)


Note: (i realize these pics are sideways and am not tech savy enough to fix sorry)
We had a dresser in a not so hip pink, so we spray painted it black.

i put tape around the knobs so they wouldn't get painted, and sprayed away!

For the mirror, I found a tiny mirror out of an old purse and used painted popsicle sticks as a frame.  I hot glued the mirror to a square of cardboard (old cereal box lol) and then hot glued the frame around it. (I cut the angles on the sticks with good scissors)

Here is the newly painted dresser and mirror!

Now for a bed!  

I saw the idea for this bed online on another blog. I cannot find it anymore but when I do I will post the link for proper credits. They did awesome and I copy-catted it :)

I used an old shoe box, 4 pencils, printed duck tape, a little fabric, and hot glue

first, wrap the pencils in tape, these are the bed posts

I had these nifty shaped wood pieces, but you could cut the shape from cardboard.
they will be headboard and footboard. Wrap them in the tape also.
At this point i trimmed the bottom of the shoe box to be thin enough as a mattress.

use hot glue to attatch fabric around the shoe box top.  It was a bit hard and flat looking so i stuck some fluff in there ;)

wrap duck tape around the top portion of the bottom of the box

top should still slide over bottom

glue headboard, footboard and posts in place

finish by wrapping the ducktape around the entirety at the bottom

Viola! A beautiful barbie bed!!

The Living Room!

Barbie needed a sectional, and the box and ducktape worked so well on the bed, that I decided to re-do that here.

printed duck tape, spaghetti boxes, fabric, cardboard and hot glue used.

i cut the boxes to the size needed 

I stuffed them with old plastic bags so they wouldnt crush and hot glued them together.
This is the couch base.

Next I completely and smoothly glued fabric to a piece of cardboard to be the back of the couch.

Next, I covered the top of the couch with ducktape and glued the backing on

Then like the bed, I wrapped the tape around the entire bottom (including hte back side)

This is what the bottom looked like, I chose not to finish covering it. lazy me

for cushion, i cut cardboard to fit right ontop the couch, and covered it with fabric. I had glued some cotton balls on the top of it for fluff. (the bottom is shown here)

I put hot glue all over that bottom there, and glued it to the couch then sewed tiny pillow shapes for the top and glued them on too.

it looked great, but i had these little wooden pieces that i thought looked like legs, so i added them just for looks

just hot glued them right on!

Barbie loves it! lol

Accessories! A Rug!!

Only duck tape, and shelf liner

I have this liner in all my shelves, so i just stole a piece lol.
cut it to a rug size, and covered it with different colored duck tape.

to make it more professional looking, I wrapped the ends with coordinating solid black duck tape 

works great!

dont have tutorial for the end tables but they are painted wooden candle holders and jar lids glued together.
the lamps are upside down wooden candle cups clued to another random wooden peg i had laying around.

This was a super long post. . . kudos to you if you made it to the bottom.
Thanks for reading :)



  1. They are superb. ... n yur tutorial is super easy m gonna make this today definitely thumbs up to you

  2. Awesome! Thank you so so much for sharing these ideas :)

  3. My daughter did a sofa set and i just showed her yours she love it! You did Good!! going to make this rug to add to our's

  4. Great use of those pasta boxes.. I'm figuring out a sectional sofa right now!

  5. Your daughter is lucky to have such a crafty mom! Kudos

  6. Making blueprints for a castle/dollhouse so Cinderella and Belle can have Barbie and the gang visit. Loved the ideas and the easy tutorials. Will definitely be "borrowing" several ideas!

  7. Have been looking for cheap Barbie furniture for my granddaughters. I really like what you have done. Will be trying my hand at this.Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this idea! I so love dollhouses, I really plan on making this one thanks so much.

  9. After seeing the prices of furniture sets in toy stores I knew I had to use ...

  10. this was the most helpful posting about Barbie furniture I have seen thus far. I will get right to trying these out for my stepdaughter. she will love it! cant wait!! thanks for posting...

  11. great job! I'm making a barbie sized doll house and {hopefully} furniture for my girls for Christmas and you just gave me tons of ideas!

  12. These are great ideas! You did a wonderful job and have inspired me. My favorite is the bed! I have found so many barbie items like furniture and appliances at a local second hand shop, which are incredibly inexpensive and only need a few updates or repairs.

  13. Very cool looking furniture. I think the bed design came from "My Froggy Stuff" on Youtube. She has a lot of great ideas too!

  14. This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing these ideas, I have been wanting to make my daughter some furniture and other easy to make accessories for her Monster High dolls. I have all the stuff to do it, now I'll be brave and try to make some lol. Thanks again so much!!!! :)

  15. Love your ideas...Thank you for sharing!

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  17. It is very nice and amazing !!! Great job. and i will try to do house for by Barbie