Monday, March 29, 2010

Primitive Soap Keep

Just wanted to share this, i thought it turned out really cute!

My mother makes homemade old fashioned cold process lye soap, and i love it! Not only do i love to use it, but since i LOVE all things primitve, i really like the way it goes with the decor also. I wanted a cute way to display some of her bars and then i came across the post on simply prims blog about the soap holder, and well, that was exactly what i needed! My mom found a small wooden bowl at a junk store for me and I fashioned my own, following Kris' pattern, just shaping the sides up a bit. It turned out really cute it think.

The soap shown is one of my favorites, its called mocha bean. If you are familliar with lye soap, its commonly called the "kitchen soap", because of the cocoa and coffee in it, its awesome for removing smells from your hands, like onion and garlic!

I have yet to find me a cute little cup to go on it, but i did have these really old copper measuring spoons that i thought would look alright till i found me a cute little cup. They may be just a little too shiny lol.

Hope you enjoyed! And God Bless!


  1. I remember when Kris did the tutorial! Great job on yours!!

  2. Love this....I bet it smells wonderful..