Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Barbie Doll House

DIY Barbie House!
This is the dollhouse I made for my daughter. It had to be slim to fit in her room.

I used all 1x10 shelving board, and luan for backing it
I simply cut out wood pieces like a shelf, and angled the top like a roof.
I didnt take many pics of this, by the time I thought to take the first pic, i had all pieces together and the roof painted black already lol.

Here it is with the backing cut and nailed on

I painted it flat white first for primer, then painted each room

for flooring, I found wood look contact paper at the dollar store, just cut to size and stick down!!
So pretty!!! She was thrilled!

and here is a quick glimpse into each room (except top, its just storage for now)

The bedroom. I made the bead, its in my previous post. The picture is a small craft frame with a picture of barbie i printed.


Living room 

Ariel watching spongebob lol

the kitchen (this was a repaint to match the table she had)

here is the before pic

Rapunzel fixing her man some tea, lol


  1. Hello, what a wonderful dolls house, we have been looking at making one and also doing up some furniture or changing the colour, there is so so much pink out there we were thinking of re painting some. How did you paint the kitchen, I see it was pink before and now white/orange, is there a particular paint? and how did you cover up the other bits? thanks in advance, this is certainly a beautiful dolls house to play with.

  2. Wow! You did a wonderful Job!!

  3. could I get the dimensions? soo cute!!! wanting to build this by Christmas

  4. Coolest Barbie house I have seen! You did an awesome job! I'd like to build this for my daughter for Christmas. Could I get the dimensions? Thank you in advance, this is a beautiful house.

  5. Love it. I would also love to build this for my daughter for a Christmas present. Could you tell me what kinds of wood you bought and the dimensions of the Barbie house? Where did you get Barbie accessories/ furniture?

  6. Would love to have the dimensions. This house is really good.

  7. Just like all the others, I would like the dimensions please...

  8. Simply gorgeous .wow fantastic work.

  9. can I get the dimensions for this doll house, please? my email is

  10. anyone get a reply to dimensions?