Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 In a Nutshell (as the ole saying goes ;))

So, i haven't blogged at all this year. Its been a whirlwind. Enjoy this little fast forward (or rewind) of our year.

First things first. . . surprise surprise!

Expecting baby number 3

I hand painted the playroom
Dr. Seuss theme

Some bump progress

We celebrated our big "10" year anniversary this year!

I gained weight quickly after the moring sickness left
Some more bump progress

Heres my 9 month selfie lol.

We grew a garden, my son helped a bit more than the princess, lol!

Got our room and the nersery ready for our Ms Molli Jolee

The Lord smiled on us, and blessed us with a perfect little sister, despite us not knowing until delivery that the cord was wrapped around her neck a record breaking 5 times!!! 

She came out so alert. She smiled the first day she was born, a real smile. Ive had several tell me she had to be an old soul to be so alert and make such expressions so young.

4 days old

One week old

one month old 

Mitchell and Mitch also had their first real father-son hunt this year.

Halloween was so fun we did it twice! lol!

(made elsa and olaf's costumes btw)

And we may have had the best Christmas yet! (tho i think we say that every year!)

All in all, I feel more blessed this year than ever before. I hope you and your family feel the same way :)  Wishing you blessings in this new year too!

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