Thursday, January 8, 2015

Diy baby knot hat! Tee shirt upcycle Soo cute!

Its cold outside, and our babies are bald!! lol! lets make some hats!

For starters, I traced an old knot hat i had, but made it a little bigger all around (needed it a size up) but i also found a printable one if you wanted your own at prudentbaby  HERE I really made mine the same way ;)

I started with an old tee shirt, and my pattern.
I missed the photo of step one, but pretty much as you would imagine, i laid the tee flat inside out,  traced my pattern (right on the bottom hem so i could use it) and cut it out/sewed it together, 

 I used my new serger for this, but have made them before with regular stitch followed by a zigzag on the outside to reinforce it. This is what i have now. (see the tee hem at the bottom)

Next step is to fold the bottom up evenly as shown and pin in place

a zig zag stitch is used to sew right along this seam

now turn inside out and press seams flat 

tie knot in top as wanted. you can fold the bottom up again or not, however you like... cute right

we will let the reborn doll model it here lol

you could also embellish them with buttons, flowers, bows, etc.
I made a couple for some friends of mine.  I just hand sewed little Initials on that i cut out of felt. Simple but made them so much more special! 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

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