Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY Felt Food . . . Carrot tutorial

Felt Carrots

Adorably realistic carrots, made of felt.

I drew these patterns out myself on construction paper (as always :) and cut the pieces out of felt.
You can very easily mimic my pattern seen below in yellow :)
one carrot piece and two leaf pieces for each carrot.

Sew lines on the leaves to resemble veins

 Trim the thread

fold stem part over, then over again (like rolled) and sew it up to leaf

my unperfectly perfect leaf :)
repeat for other leaf

sew little lines here and there on carrot piece to add real carrot texture
then trim loose threads
Next fold right sides together and sew carrot base together

turn carrot inside right. . . you should have these 3 pieces

stuff carrot (i use left over felt pieces diced up)
using embroidery floss, or doubled thread, sew a base stitch around top of carrot.  Do not cut or tie off yet!

Place leaf pieces inside carrott

Pull thread to gather top together

Once pulled very tight, tie it off, then sew back and forth thru the leaves a few times so they can not be pulled out

Repeat for each carrot you wish, and that is that. . . delicious looking carrots!

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  1. I think the carrots were about my favorite, but they are all simply adorable!!