Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lalaloopsy Themed Birthday

First off:  I don't know how i forgot it till now, but this is my daughters birthday party from March of this year (2012) lol, long long overdue for the blog, but thought some would gain ideas from it :)

My little girl LOVES Lalaloopsy, and I think they are pretty cool myself, so when she asked me if she could have a Lalaloopsy party, I didn't hesitate to say yes.  I do alot of our birthday party decorations myself, but usually go to local party stores for plates, banners, etc.  Now, there are lalaloopsy party decorations all over the place, but at this time, i scoured the internet and found only those on etsy which were a bit to rich for my blood.  So I put my thinking cap on and fired up the printer and sewing maching, and whipped up a lalaloopsy party, homemade style in just a couple days.

She had to have cupcakes. . . so, I found some free Lalaloopsy graphics online, and using microsoft word, made little circles and put the graphics and a few #6's on them.  I printed em out, and cut them out using my scalloped scissors to make em cuter, then did the same to slightly bigger circles of coordinating colored construction paper.

Glue a toothpick in between the graphic and construction paper with cheap school glue and there u have it, cute little lalaloopsy cupcake picks!!

Finished cupcakes, only thing i didnt like was the cute little yellow polkadot wrappers blended with the vanilla cupcakes (shoulda had chocolate :)

For the buttons on the cake I used fruit by the foot and fruit role ups, lol, i didnt have fondant and this worked, I cut out circle shapes with small objects in the kitchen.

very simple cake, the banner on second layer i printed out and cut out, then laminated it (covered both sides with packing tape and cut around edges ;)) and it just stuck on, the topper was one mini lalaloopsy and the handle off of the box of a larger doll. (im not a cake expert. . . never could get icing slick looking)

I used  my 1" circle punch to punch out construction paper "buttons" drew the holes on with black pen

I made a large banner from material and glued printed graphics on it, made the logo from a piece of white posterboard with glued on construction paper letters. . . trees were cardboard painted, taped to wall.

Here are the cupcakes and the cake

The outfit i did make using old material i had left from her bedding set (little missmatched flat sheets LOL)
I made the skirt using a tutorial i found online for a patchwork twirl skirt, and appliqued the shirt using heatbond sheets and the same material.
I simply drew the applique out, and cut each piece out, 

fused heatbond to one side of fabric, traced cutouts on it (mirrored) and ironed on shirt (I also always do a quick zigzag stitch around edges to hold it in place after washing)

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