Friday, December 7, 2012

Play Kitchens and Felt Food

My little girl is about to turn 7, and she is tall. She asked this year for a "real kitchen". Her current dora kitchen is waaay too short for her! I scoured the internet and toy stores looking for a "big girls" kitchen but only found really high priced pieces with ages only up like 5. Sooo my plan is to build a kitchen her size. . . when looking for inspiration online i also found lots of people making felt food (and i have alot of felt) so i thought id give it a whirl.  Ill also be posting my diy play kitchen when its finished.

First Felt Food Project:  Strawberries

Step 1:  Make a pattern

I drew a pattern out on folded construction paper and cut it out. Usually when i do this the first one is too long, or too wide and i make a second construction paper pattern, or third, until i get one that works. . . luckily for me the first one worked fine this time ;)
Pattern pieces are I red strawberry body, and one green leafy stem piece.

Step 2:  Sew the berry

Fold the strawberry piece in half (right sides together) and sew up one end (leave top open for now)

Then turn the berry inside right

Step 3: Adding Seads

Starting on inside, use regular white thread and make tiny stitches around the berry bottom

Step 4:  Gathering top

Use same thread to make a loose baste stitch around top

Now stuff the berry bottom (you can use batting, I use chopped up pieces of felt too small to use for something else :))

Pull the thread at the top tight, gathering it closed, and tie it off.

Using hot glue (or you can sew it but hot glue works awesome on felt :)) glue the leafy part over top, covering the gathered stitches.

I also take a small rectangle and roll it up (gluing it together) and put a dot of glue on the end of it, and glue it to the center of the top, making a stem.

Showing the stem

Finished product!!! They are adorable, and realistic, and washable!!!! wow! lol! and best of all i made all 5 of these using only 2 pieces of felt that were only 23 cent each. . . so all these cuties for only .46 cent. :)

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