Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY kids play apron

(i made this post months ago and accidentally didnt publish it. . . so here it is) 

My daughter just fell in love with her first easy bake oven (thanks papaw), and so of course she needed a cute little apron (which just so happened I had fabric that matched the oven). I whipped her one up right quick and it turned out cute so I thought id share!

1st: cut out your pieces

The biggest apron part was about 21"x10"
The striped piece is for a pocket, its about 10"x10"
1 piece of ribbon about 12"  and another more like 35" (tie for waist)
smaller ribbon pieces to trim the pocket

First, make the pocket:
Fold pocket in half and sew around it, leaving a small opening for turning inside out. Making one rectangle about 10"x5", iron it.

Take the small ribbon for trimming the pocket, fold in half and iron. (making hem tape ;)

Fold your newly made hem tape around the top of the pocket and sew in place

this is how i finish the edges (just fold em under ;)

Do the same thing to the bottom of the apron, like so:

Then hem the sides of apron so its neat

and pin the pocket in place, i purposely made mine a bit sideways, thought it was cute

sew the pocket on (i chose to zig-zag stitch it) 
I also left a small corner on the bottom open (see pic below) and stitched up beside it to make a pocket for a utensil to hang in.

next Gather the top
do a very loose baste stitch across top hem. . . pull the bobbin thread easily to gather

continue gathering till it is to your likeing (mine was about 12")

 lay the gathered apron wrong side up on the middle of the large ribbon piece (make sure the ribbon extends a bit above the apron hem. . . were gonna hide it) pin in place

Take the smaller ribbon piece, folding the raw edge in, and cover the back hem up with it. . . pin it in place

should look like this

making sure ribbons are even. . . sew seam around all 4 sides of ribbon, over the apron hem

almost done!!

Sear the ends of the ribbon so they wont frey and you are done! 

a little chefs apron! how cute

 She Loves it!!

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