Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY play food. . . felt food for our play kitchen!

Well the play kitchen is complete, and we needed some cute accessories to go in it.
Looking online i fell in love with felt food, mostly because it is hand made and cheap, and also because it looks real and is washable.

This is a list of the felt food (and accessories for the kitchen) that i have made.
My daughter LOVES them, when I handed her the green beans this morning she told me in her excited squeely girly voice (and i quote) "oh mom!, you can make any food look real!"

strawberries (tutorial here)

Fried Eggs


Strawberry Jam

I mixed craft paint and purple glitter and painted inside of smallest (clean dry) jam jar, to look like strawberry jam. . . I also cut out glops of "jam" from matching colored felt, that we keep inside the jar.
(i know. . . its glass. . . but she is 7, no, i wouldn't recommend keeping glass jars for toddlers ;))

the sandwich fixins to go with the bread.


her cookie jar

chocolate chip cookies

cheap shaker set (again glass) filled with old salt and old coffee grounds, cap filled with hot glue, then glued on. . . she can shake all she wants and nothing comes out!

my personal favoite:  Donuts
one each strawberry, chocolate and vanilla glaze

mini cinnamon rolls  (rolled up felt in tan and brown with white fabric paint (puff paint) on top)

Popsicles in the freezer 

I have kept all these for her, washed them well, and gave them to her.
All are miniature versions of the same we keep in our fridge at all times! lol

orange juice and mayo have been painted inside to look real

a cake with 4 slices (really hard to make without a pattern as i did, i recommend downloading a pattern)

i stuffed this like normal and it was bulky. . . so i had to add cardboard inside to keep its shape

 And last but not least. . . the green beans

i used a mini can of green beans (i have the fancy can opener that cuts under the edge so once cut open nothing is sharp:)

rolled up rectangles of green felt for the green beans and placed inside can

more tutorials to come!!! check back to see how i made a pretend play birthday cake they can decorate over and over!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I can't wait to make these for the grandbaby for Christmas. She is going to love them...and it gives me 8 months to finish them all. :)
    Thanks again,