Saturday, December 29, 2012

The DIY Play Kitchen

 The evolution of my play kitchen:
1: inspiration
    My daughter (nearly 7) asked for a kitchen that (and i quote) "I don't have to bend over to play with."
 This my friends, was impossible to find.  Every kitchen set I found in every store was too small. (she is tall)
Thus the need to build one for her. I began looking online to draw inspiration and found nearly exactly what I was dreaming up in my own head at "Britt and her boys".
     I loved her little kitchen and drew several aspects of Cali's from there. I first planned it all out on sketch paper, then got to work.  I scaled mine a bit bigger, and used 1x12 shelving board, all of which i cut out myself with a miter saw and jig saw (so its not perfect lol)

Here is one with the counter top in. I found a metal bowl in my cabinet and traced it onto the counter, then jig-sawed it out :)  The faucet was found in my friends garage :) it was a perfect fit!

I wanted the fridge inside to be white, like most are, and inside oven to be like a real oven, thus all the different paint colors.  I chose a brown base color, for one because I had it left over, so it was free, and also because the pink and brown cupcake paper i wanted to use as the backsplash.

The knobs I cooked up in my brain after a bit of thinking.  I glued a regular old wooden knob onto a baby food jar lid

Turned out a good size, i put it on as normal, but loose, so it wouldn't unscrew when turned.

I painted it with same spray paint i did the metallic doors, and drew on it to look like knobs
The oven display I did just as Britt did with the microwave panel here.  Made it on the computer myself, printed it, and modge podged it on.

Here is the microwave 

Here is finished produce (before extras added)
Used metallic spray paint to resemble stainless steel

The cute cupcake backsplash is actually wrapping paper, i coated a piece of luan with modge podge, glued the paper to it like wall paper, then coated over the top with it, and let it dry good before adding a second coat.

Finally a kitchen big enough for a 7 year old!

She loves it!  (showing off her felt icecream)
I added small white hooks to underside of shelf to hang cups/etc on, and a couple on the side for her aprons and mitts

and what is in the oven? A birthday cake of course!! Wait till i show you how i made it!! :)

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  1. Adorable! Great project. Hope she enjoys it.