Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Felt Play Food Bread

If you have a play kitchen, and you need some play food, bread is a necessity!  All kids like making sandwiches etc.  This is the easy, no sew, cheating way to make them (thats me) lol.
Note:if sewn instead of glued, would look nicer :)

construction paper
white felt
tan felt
hot glue gun and glue

Start by making a pattern
I drew my bread slice out on construction paper, and cut it out.

trace and cut 4 white bread shapes per slice, stack together

cut long skinny strips out of the tan

i made 4 slices. . . here are all my pieces

next, with 4 pieces of white stacked perfectly together, start, very carefully, glueing the tan strip (crust) around the bread

Note: if sewing, sew to top and bottom bread slice pieces

finished piece

tada!!  they feel real!


  1. I was wondering if these could be made with hot glue! lol thats the best way to "sew" in my opinion!

    1. I seriously hot glue most everything lol. I judt don't have time to hand sew. :)