Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY fold down waist Maxi Skirt

Here it is!! The comfy stretchy maxi skirt, with fold over waist. . . and you can make it yourself!! This one took me maybe an hour ;)

First, select your material! I got i think 2 yards of this mustard yellow stretch jersey material at a local walmart on clearance (love clearance).  Next, pick an existing skirt that fits you well, fold fabric in half with right sides together (good printed sides in, underside out), and lay your skirt on top of material.

Pin it right to the material (or at least thats what it did to keep it from moving, this jersey was tricky).  When it comes to the waist band, fold it down and pin it so you are pinning just the shape of the skirt.

should look like this:

Cut around the skirt (careful not to cut your good skirt) close to the hem (leaving it undone, i like the way jersey hems roll) and leave about an inch or half an inch on the sides and around waistband for seam allowance.

 leave it pinned to help hold together, and carefully sew down both sides. then unpin

 Now for the waistband
Measure your waist. . . add one inch to this. . . then cut that # in half
ie mine was 30 (dont tell please lol) i added 1, making it 31, then cut this in half = 15.5"

fold material in half right sides together again, and cut a rectangle about 10 inches tall x (your measurment) wide.

pin 10 inch side together, and sew down it

turn inside right, and you have a tall circle of fabric

pinch the middle of the cylinder, and fold there, once whole circle is folded in half down middle, you should have a shorter circle, with all seams on the inside :)  This is your waist band.

with skirt still inside out, pin waistband to the skirt, right sides together, start by pinning sides and middle together (skirt should be a bit bigger than waistband and will look gathered)

sew together carefully, slightly stretching waistband to match skirt as needed.
then turn inside right, and voila!!

your own maxi skirt!!

i had enough mateial left to cut a long rectangle about 10" wide or so to make a matching scarf. . . completes the look i think!

Hope you try it and it turns out as comfy as mine!!!
Happy Crafting


  1. Wow!! that is awesome! I need to try one (:

  2. Did you use elastic thread?

    1. No I used regular thread, the fabric was stretchy though, and I stretched the waistband slightly to meet the skirt size while I sewed it on.

  3. Hi! I was wondering if a straight stitch would be ok, or if it has to be a zig-zag stitch. I am fairly new to all this, and by fairly new I mean extremely new haha and I have no idea the difference between them or if one would be ok over the other. I am considering getting a sewing machine, but the one I am looking at only has straight stitch, and I am also curious as to if this is ok for small projects like this. Any help is appreciated!!

    1. Hi Alyssa! I think I used a straight stitch on all of this skirt, I probably just sewed two straight lines close together to make it stronger (that is what I usually do). I only use the zigzag for looks, or on the inside of a straight seam for added strength. Hope that helps =)

    2. awesome!! thank you so much! I am really excited, i'm thinking of doing this skirt in teal :D

    3. OoOh! teal would be super cute!! Hope it goes well!

  4. Really cute! I love love love this, and the yellow is super cute!

  5. thank you for sharing I have been searching for instructions using one I already have

  6. Hi! love the tutorial. very easy, and your skirt looks fabulous and comfy! i am thinking of trying this with the latest trend - the chevron stripe. have you tried this yet? any tips?

  7. Great tutorial! I made a hot pink skirt, and it came out so cute!

  8. Trying this tomorrow with a friend, we are excited to see how it goes. She is using gray fabric and mine is plum. Wish us luck!

  9. This is exactly what I have been wanting :) Thank you so much for posting. I have a perfect skirt to use (and Old Navy find from the Goodwill!). So this will be my first project on the new sewing machine!

  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing:-)

  11. So I used linen for the skirt and jersey for the waistband. Turned out not half bad, but I think I'll use all jersey next time. Which will be tonight!!! Thank you so much!

  12. You say to fold the skirt in half right sides together then pin it down and your pictures show, all you did was lay the whole skirt open on your material, I'm confused?