Saturday, January 26, 2013

Diy party lights tutorial

A how to for some party lights. . . whatever color or pattern you wish!!

You will need:
String of christmas lights
mini plastic cups 
spray glue
Fabric (to cover cups)
paper (for cup pattern)
small knife or other tool to cut cup top

First:  trace the cup the best you can onto paper
It should look something like this:

cut it out, and wrap it around the cup and trim it as needed till you get a fit
this is your pattern

next, cut an x in the top of each cup you will be using ie: number of lights on strand.
(i only wanted a small strand but only had a large strand so i folded mine in half and put 2 lights in each hole)

Next:  cut out pieces of fabric using your pattern to cover each cup
cover an area well (spray glue is messy!)
spray the cup (or back of fabric) and wrap it on the cup smoothly

then finally push the light thru the hole (or if you are like me, 2 lights)

Then voila!! your finished!
NOTE: i didnt want to buy anything and used what i had at home, soooo, WHITE wire lights would look much better :)

They look so cute on!