Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Top Repurposed!!

So, I had this cute short sleeve sweater. . . Which is much too tight.  This is why in the pic I chose to hold it up to me, rather than try it on. LoL.

Using my creative mind, I decided to repurpose it!! Meaning, I decided to transform it from an old ill fitting sweater, into a cute girls sweater dress.

First (no pic of this sorry), I put it over my girl, and pinched the sides together to get an idea of how much smaller it need to be.  I pinched up a bit more than an inch on either side.

I laid the dress flat, inside out and sewed a seam down each arm as shown below (about
 same as I had pinched together on her earlier)

Make sure if you do this that you round out the underarm, and cut the excess off as close to the seam under the arm as possible, so it lays right when turned back inside right.

Once sewn down both sides, trim excess close to seam, and turn inside right.

It was a hit! She loved the dress!

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  1. Okay, seriously. I swam past your blog in a foldover waist search (loved your mustard skirt, by the way) and then happened upon this darling post. What a seriously adorable reuse of an old top! And your sweet little girl looks darling in it! Anyhow, as a former blogger (after kid #4, blogging fell by the wayside) I know how nice it is to get comments, and I just couldn't believe this post didn't have one. So, here I am! Love this brilliant repurposing! :) I think I'm going to try your skirt this week, too. Way to make it simple! Thank you! Happy blogging!