Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Snowman Kit

This idea came from a post on pinterest that you can find Here

Materials Needed:
craft dowels (or old pencils lol)
Sculpey Clay in assorted colors

Just as in the tutorial above, I sculpted all pieces out of sculpey, baked about 20 min at 275 degrees, and glued to sticks (to stick in snowman)

I followed that almost exactly, except that I didn't have dowels on hand, so i used old pencils,

I crumpled a small piece of aluminum foil in the shape of a carrot and covered it with the clay so it wasn't such a thick piece of clay (called bulking out) , and I baked my eyes and buttons flat, and hot glued the pencils on later.

This shows my old chewed on pencils hot glued to back of eyes and buttons

what pieces looked like when done
(I also lightly sealed it with Pledge with Future Acrylic Floor Finish)

We had our first good snow last night, so we got to use our kit this morning!
Just add any old hat and a scarf and there you go! Cutest snowman on the block!!

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