Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentines Day Card Idea

This was Cali's Valentines Day card last year (kindergarten).  Thinking about doing something similar this year, but undecided. 

I saw a similar one on pinterest, it was taken outdoors. . . this would have looked much better outdoors due to the fact that the hand catches all the flash.

Anywho, to make one, just take a pic of your cutie with their hand to one side in a fist, make sure the fist is made like they are holding something, with thumb towards their body.
Mine looked like this:

Then, to make it look like a card, I added a border, and a Short Valentine Message (make sure its still 4x6 size)

 I printed them (4x6) at my local wal*mart, and cut little slits with an exacto knife on the top and bottom of her fist, and inserted a valentine blow pop

Finished Product, pretty cute huh? and just imagine if I had taken the pic outside, how much better!!

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  1. I was going to suggest you share this idea somewhere, since we're coming up on Valentines Day, and it was so stinking cute. :-)