Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Valentines Day Wreath

I saw all these adorable Valentines Day wreaths on pinterest and thought to myself "YES! A way to use some of those old tees I wouldn't throw away!" (I hoard things I think I may someday craft with). So I got my got out my material and went on a hunt for a wire hanger!

The first thing i did was bend the wire hanger into a circle (not as easy as it looked)

Next I dug thru our old tees and found the closest to Valentine colors I could (tossed in a piece of pink gingham check fabric i had also)

I then cut the tees into thin strips (they were about 3 inches long and an inch or less wide)

Starting at one end, i tied the strips in a simple knot (in a repeating pattern) on one at a time

It looks like this, while I was going i would push the knots as tight as I could together, because the overall looks better the fuller it is. 

The finished product.
I thought it was just a bit plain, so i tied on one old Valentines Day ornament I had.

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